LIVE Funk and Dance Music
The Freak Brothers represent LIVE Funk music straight out of the
fly-over state of Indiana.  In a sea of the same ol' rock n' roll cover
bands floats this huge party vessel of guaranteed good fun.  The
Freak Brothers have proven the need for LIVE Funk and the
relentless pursuit of a great party...every show.  With the non-stop
flow of a DJ, and the undeniable sound of the tight horn section, the
FBs create the perfect atmosphere for dancing the night away!  
The FB's have shared the stage with legends such as:
The Ohio Players
The Zapp Band
Blood Sweat and Tears
David Lee Roth
Brandon Rentfrow
Todd Roth
Matt Ca$hdollar
Adam Martin
Adam Rudolph
The Freak Brothers - Vol.1 - Now available on!
Brandon Rentfrow - Guitar/Vocals/Sax
Todd Roth - Trumpet/Vocals/Keys/Guitar
Matt Cashdollar - Sax/Vocals/Flute/Keys
Adam Martin - Bass
Adam Rudolph - Drums/Vocals
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The Freak Brothers - Vol.1 - Now available on iTunes!